Friday, August 31, 2007

The Folly of Invasions

The other day I helped out on an Alchemist's Folly rescue.

It was the first time I've been there. Honestly, I really expected the place to be much... larger. And more folly-ful. There were a couple of undine in the tunnel, but as long as you had a little room to dodge rocks, it was pretty simple. I can see how it might be a death trap for newer exiles though - thankfully, the entrance needs some pathfinding skill and so is not always terribly accessable.

Not too much later, I heard a cry out on the sunstone - there were higher than usual numbers of trool in the south forest. Soon it was learned that an invasion force had arrived, and was marching towards Puddleby!

I first went to scout the area, and managed to pick up a fallen MaryJane and bring her back to town. I immediately went off again to help fight off the invaders.

... unfortunately, their numbers were great, and I got surrounded pretty fast. Morphing kept me alive for a very long time, allowing me to whittle down their numbers and give others time to get to me.

But town rallied, and soon there were quite a few exiles smashing the forces of the trool'kin. One by one the south forest snells were cleared, and we moved on to the Brambles... which was packed.

Thankfully we not only had a dozen rangers along, but we also had the lava-cloaking powers of Razz. While each flame didn't hurt them terribly much, they kept lighting each other on fire so much that it was fairly easy to take them down.

Snell by snell, the brambles were cleared as well. That's one invasion force which may think twice next time!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More, More, More

Just a few little tidbits...

I was out running through cove, looking for daytime lyfes to kill, when I came upon a massive group of Mammoth Arachne. Now, they may be weak for their size, but a horde of them can be intimidating regardless! In the end, however, they were quickly slaughtered... where I went on to find even more Mammoths (and no lyfes) throughout the outer KI cove area. Hrmph!

Also, I managed to come upon yet another AMS!

Chalk up a third solo vanquish for me! This is the first time that one had a chest, too. Whee.

Monday, August 27, 2007

To Kill and Be Killed

It's been an exciting past few days.

Unfortunately, I've been slow to put pen to paper, and so things inevitiably get missed. Ah well! I can touch on the high- (and low!) lights...

First the high: While doing my normal hunting rounds on MI, I found myself face to face with one of the mothers of them all - an Angry Mother Sasquatch! Instead of fleeing or running for help, I stood my ground and faced the beast face to face! After a bit of fancy footwork, my blows eventually took the AMS down. I'm glad to have had my armor repaired recently!

This was the second AMS I have had the pleasure of soloing. It's good to know the first time wasn't a fluke!

Then the low: I was recently involved in a little bit of hunting at Death Trap Noids. Unless you're with a very prepared group, that place really is a death trap. In our case, our initial charge went... er.... unwell.

We spent the rest of the time sitting and waiting for those dratted crimsons to move southward. Those arachnoids tend to love to stick together, which means they either all go south or none go south. And since there were such little spaces for them to move south, they tended to keep accumulating at the entrance.

Eventually they all moved south (momentarily!), and the rescue forces rushed in. Hit, chain, out! No more DTN for us, enough is enough!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Invasion

Greetings again all.

It's been a while since my last update. There have been some large changes in the library, I've been moving some things around. Hopefully this will be the last move for a long while.

Today was a day of excitement - as soon as I left the library, I heard shouts and thoughts of battle! On the west docks, undine were invading - a large amount of lesser undine, plus a good number of banshees. There were also Darshak Priests and likely Necromancers helping things along.

This first wave was easily pushed back, and the fight moved to the seas, and then quickly to the Darshak island of Ash. There, many exiles (myself included) dove in to the Horde, where most were brought down to the ground quickly by dozens and dozens of Priests and Banshees. It was clear that Necro was behind this, and his presence was felt in the lands.

Eventually, more healer and fighter power arrived, and the Horde (and then the also-full Outpost) were cleared. Some things were cleared out of the Temple, but for the most part, fighting was over.

Then over the Sunstone I heard that people were talking to Necro's Apprentice in a hidden hut. The talking was done with by the time I got there, but I heard he had mentioned something about blood...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Passing 5th

Greetings all.

I've been wondering how to start this journal. Stories of my past? How I got here? Meh! Those can wait. I thought I might start things off on a high note - finally passing a circle test!

I haven't passed a circle test in years. My studies have focused on Ranger skills, morphing skills - skills that aren't allowed to be used in the test. I suppose none of this really matters; all that matters is my skill in the wild. There, I fight like a 6th circle fighter. In the test... well, 4th has been my limit there.

Until today!

Today, the test started off with a happy surprise - I managed to take down the banshee in three hits. The blood wyrm was next, and while it hit me every time, I took it down much faster than it could take me. I took my time on the last creature - the lava beetle. I made sure not to swing out... and a few strong hits later, it was smashed.

Huzzah! 5th circle is mine.

These later circle tests may not give any further benefit (besides a belt), but passing them does make me proud. Of course, Cereberal still waxes on about my supposed strength - even now, having just passed 5th, he says that most who passed 6th are stronger than I! Of course, 6th is probably several more years in the future. I tried taking the test, and while I managed to dispatch one midnight wendy, the rest of the creatures quickly slaughtered me. Ah well!

I wish I would've gotten some pictures of the testing, but I never expected to pass. Next time!