Monday, August 27, 2007

To Kill and Be Killed

It's been an exciting past few days.

Unfortunately, I've been slow to put pen to paper, and so things inevitiably get missed. Ah well! I can touch on the high- (and low!) lights...

First the high: While doing my normal hunting rounds on MI, I found myself face to face with one of the mothers of them all - an Angry Mother Sasquatch! Instead of fleeing or running for help, I stood my ground and faced the beast face to face! After a bit of fancy footwork, my blows eventually took the AMS down. I'm glad to have had my armor repaired recently!

This was the second AMS I have had the pleasure of soloing. It's good to know the first time wasn't a fluke!

Then the low: I was recently involved in a little bit of hunting at Death Trap Noids. Unless you're with a very prepared group, that place really is a death trap. In our case, our initial charge went... er.... unwell.

We spent the rest of the time sitting and waiting for those dratted crimsons to move southward. Those arachnoids tend to love to stick together, which means they either all go south or none go south. And since there were such little spaces for them to move south, they tended to keep accumulating at the entrance.

Eventually they all moved south (momentarily!), and the rescue forces rushed in. Hit, chain, out! No more DTN for us, enough is enough!

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