Sunday, August 5, 2007

Passing 5th

Greetings all.

I've been wondering how to start this journal. Stories of my past? How I got here? Meh! Those can wait. I thought I might start things off on a high note - finally passing a circle test!

I haven't passed a circle test in years. My studies have focused on Ranger skills, morphing skills - skills that aren't allowed to be used in the test. I suppose none of this really matters; all that matters is my skill in the wild. There, I fight like a 6th circle fighter. In the test... well, 4th has been my limit there.

Until today!

Today, the test started off with a happy surprise - I managed to take down the banshee in three hits. The blood wyrm was next, and while it hit me every time, I took it down much faster than it could take me. I took my time on the last creature - the lava beetle. I made sure not to swing out... and a few strong hits later, it was smashed.

Huzzah! 5th circle is mine.

These later circle tests may not give any further benefit (besides a belt), but passing them does make me proud. Of course, Cereberal still waxes on about my supposed strength - even now, having just passed 5th, he says that most who passed 6th are stronger than I! Of course, 6th is probably several more years in the future. I tried taking the test, and while I managed to dispatch one midnight wendy, the rest of the creatures quickly slaughtered me. Ah well!

I wish I would've gotten some pictures of the testing, but I never expected to pass. Next time!

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